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"Why The Internet Is A Bad Place To Discover Music" (newsflash: it isn’t)

"Why The Internet Is A Bad Place To Discover Music"


You know what? It isn’t. It’s an amazing place to discover music. You just have to stop doing the things that don’t work.

I get really tired of people saying there’s ‘too much recorded music’:

How much of it do you hear? Not much.

How much of what you hear is bad? Lots? Stop looking in those places.

Find something good? Go back to that source and find some more. It’s not rocket science.

Two simple things you can do to prevent MMO (mediocre music overload):

  1. ARTISTS - stop recommending stuff by your friends just cos they’re your friends and you hope they’ll talk about you too. If we all share the music we love, everyone wins, and the people who want us to talk about them will just have to make better music.
  2. LISTENERS - stop clicking on links just cos the band or artist tells you to. That just leads to ‘the survival of the pushiest’. Tell me a story, give me a reason, make the context for the music interesting and I’m all ears. Telling me you need another 10 listens to reach 5000 youtube views isn’t remotely interesting.

We have the potential to make, share and discover so much amazing music. It’s better than any time in history. Anyone who thinks the internet is a bad place for finding music is either lazy or a fool.

Now, go share a link to something you think is brilliant. If you think my music is brilliant, please feel free to share it.

If you don’t, go share something that’s much better than me. The universe will be grateful